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Alice Wright discusses her work with W. E. Shortridge and the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights.She helped keeps the books and documentation for the Movement.

Almarie Billups discusses being deeply involved in the Movement with her husband, Charles Billups. She worked hard balancing supporting her family and supporting the Movement.

Amelia Boynton Robinson discusses how her activism began while working as a Home Demonstration Agent in Dallas County. She gives a detailed account of Bloody Sunday.

Chief Annetta Nunn discusses her path to becoming the first female chief of the Birmingham Police Department.

Annetta Streeter Gary discusses participating in the Children's March, being arrested and returning to school and mass meetings upon her release.

Annie Levison discusses being active in the movement, including being jailed for sitting in the front of the bus, before having to stop in order to protect her employment. She describes the difficult process she went through to become a registered…

Annie Marie Butler discusses losing her job as a result of being involved with the Movement. Her son attempted to integrate Phillips High School with Rev. Shuttlesworth and his family.

Annie Pearl Avery discusses her involvement in the Civil Rights Movement after returning to Birmingham at the age of 14. From trying to join the Freedom Riders to marching on Bloody Sunday, she demonstrated and was arrested in both Alabama and…

Audrey Hendricks discusses spending two weeks in jail at eight years old after being arrested for demonstrating. She then lost her friend, Denise McNair, in the bombing of 16th Street Baptist church in the same year.

Barbara Cross discusses surviving the Sixteenth Street Church Bombing in great detail. Her father, Rev. John Cross Jr., was the pastor at the time.

Bryan Stevenson discusses accepting the Fred L. Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award and his work with the Equal Justice Initiative in the state of Alabama, nationally and internationally.

Carolyn Beard Wilson discusses growing up in Sixteenth Street Baptist Church as the Pastor's daughter before attending Miles College and teaching in Birmingham. She details experiencing the process of school desegregation from an educator's…

Carolyn Cunningham discusses returning to Birmingham and getting involved with the Movement after attending a year of music school in Chicago. She taught in Birmingham as a young woman before serving in the military in New York. She then returned to…

Carolyn McKinstry discusses getting involved in the Movement as early as eighth grade by doing clerical work at 16th Street Baptist Church where she saw Dr. King and Ralph Abernathy speak. She was the secretary there through the church bombing.…

Carrie Hamilton Lock discusses getting involved in the Movement by following her parents' example. She attended mass meetings and integrated West End High School.

Catherine Burks Brooks discusses getting involved with Movement after attending Tennessee State University. She participated in the Freedom Rides and spent almost 30 days in Parchman Farm (Mississippi State Penitentiary). She received recognition…

Charles Morgan Jr. discusses his legal career, involvement in civil rights cases and his work with the ACLU. He also covers his iWork defending the Democratic Party in the Watergate case.

Charlotte Billups Jernigan discusses being the daughter of Movement leader Rev. Charles Billups. She attended mass meetings, served in the US Army and worked to integrate service church before moving to work in the Chicago Movement.

Cleopatra Goree discusses being born and raised in Birmingham before getting involved with the Movement as a teacher. She lived in Dynamite Hill, attended mass meetings and experienced many bombings firsthand.

Colonel Stone Johnson discusses being one of Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth's bodyguards, fighting workplace discrimination and serving on many local organizations and boards, including the BCRI.
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