Birmingham Civil Rights Institute Oral History Project

In 1995, Dr. Horace Huntley started the Oral History Project at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute to collect the stories of individuals involved in the Civil Rights Movement in 1960s Birmingham,  Alabama.

Over the years, the project has grown to include smaller oral history collections focused on more specific topics. These include, but are not limited to, experiences of foot soldiers, the life of Judge Oscar Adams, and white allies to the Movement. The collection contains over 600 interviews housed on VHS and MiniDV tapes and is still growing (on digital now!). Digitization began in 2019 and this site launched January 2020. Digitized interviews will be added to the site as they are processed, so continue to check back.

Vulcan Park and Museum is currently showing “Right or Privilege? Alabama Women and the Vote,” an exhibit detailing the fight for women’s suffrage in Birmingham and nationally. You can find the full interviews featured in the exhibit under the Vulcan Women’s Suffrage Exhibit tab. Find exhibit information and tickets at