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Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth discusses leading the Birmingham Movement. Part 5 of 5.

Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth discusses leading the Birmingham Movement. Part 4 of 5.

Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth discusses leading the Birmingham Movement. Part 3 of 5.

Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth discusses leading the Birmingham Movement. Part 2 of 5.

Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth discusses leading the Birmingham Movement. Part 1 of 5.

Rev. Frank Dukes discusses being a major organizer in the Movement, from facilitating the Selective Buying Campaign to being arrested in the Easter march of 1963.

Rev. Erskine Faush discusses being involved in music and ministry throughout his early years before starting with broadcast radio. His voice, along with Shelley Stewart's, was a hallmark of Black broadcasting during the Civil Rights Movement in…

Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Lowery discusses his extensive involvement in the Movement in Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Nashville and Atlanta. He served in closely with Dr. King, lead the SCLC, and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President…

Rev. Clyde Jones discusses combatting discriminatory hiring practices by the Birmingham Police Department through litigation. He was involved with the NAACP before being outlawed.

Reverend Calvin Woods discusses his and his daughters' Movement involvement and subsequent arrests. Rev. Woods organized boycotts, served as a guard and worked on the negotiating team. His church was monitored by Bull Connor.

Reverend CT Vivian discusses his leadership in the Movement through SCLC. He worked closely with Dr. Martin Luther King in Selma and on the religious aspects of the Movement.

Rev. Betty Bock discusses her path to helping create a desegregated ministry in Birmingham after growing up in Missouri. She worked with community and spiritual leaders to form a new church after lacking support through First Baptist Church.

Rev. Abraham Woods Jr. discusses working in Birmingham before working closely with Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth as a vice-president of ACMHR. He drove look out for Rev. Shuttlesworth during the attempt to integrate Phillips High School, participated in…

Reuben Davis discusses his advocacy for employment equality, which includes serving in the labor union and filing multiple discrimination lawsuits against L&N Railroad.

Reuben Davis II discusses how his work with the labor movement lead to his political career. He served as one term as a Jefferson County Commissioner.

Pinkie Shortridge discusses working with her husband Bill to bail demonstrators out of jail through the ACMHR. They continued their involvement with the Movement with Dr. King and the National Funeral Directors Association.

Patricia Powell Berry discusses growing up poor in Birmingham, moving to Nebraska, and ultimately returning to Birmingham. She was heavily involved in voter registration during the Movement.

Nims E. Gay discusses his whole family's involvement in the Movement. Gay and his children attended meetings and demonstrations that included his children being hit with water hoses and arrested.

Nettie Flemmon discusses devoting her life to the Movement in every way. She, her husband and her children coordinated, assisted and demonstrated all around the South, including two of her children attending the March on Washington.

Mary E. Streeter Perry discusses growing up in Birmingham, including attending Booker T. Washington Business College, before getting involved with the Movement. She was a part of a sit-in at Woolworth's, voter registration efforts and SNCC. After her…
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