Margaret Givner Brown Interviewed on June 13, 1996

BCRI Oral History Collection
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00:00:01 - Interview Introduction

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Partial Transcript: This is an interview for the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute's Oral History Project with Margaret Givner Brown on June 13, 1996 at 2:00 p.m. at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

Segment Synopsis: Interview Introduction

GPS: The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
Map Coordinates: 33.516200, -86.813870
00:00:19 - Childhood and Family

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Partial Transcript: How are you?
Good. Did you grow up in Birmingham?

Segment Synopsis: Brown discusses her family, her parents' work, and her childhood neighborhood.

Keywords: African Americans--Employment; African Americans--Southern States; Birmingham (Ala.)

Subjects: African American families

00:04:30 - School & Church Movement Involvement

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Partial Transcript: Were you very active, your family, were you very active in any particular church?

Segment Synopsis: Church involvement and church participation in Civil Rights Movement.

Keywords: Abernathy, Ralph, 1926-1990; African Americans--Education; African Americans--Southern States; Civil rights movement; King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968; Shuttlesworth, Fred L., 1922-2011

Subjects: African Americans--Civil rights; African Americans--Religion

00:08:57 - Movement Demonstration & Family Response

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Partial Transcript: Did you recall your parents saying anything about the meetings? Perhaps after the meetings were over with, or when you came home?

Segment Synopsis: Brown discusses her involvement in a Civil Rights Movement demonstration, and her family's response to Movement activity.

Keywords: African Americans--Civil rights--Southern States; Birmingham (Ala.); Civil rights movement; Sixteenth Street Baptist Church (Birmingham, Ala.)

Subjects: African American families; African Americans--Civil rights

00:15:58 - Arrest & Jail Experience

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Partial Transcript: To Kelly Ingram Park?
To Kelly Ingram Park. Yes, we had made it to the street over from Kelly Ingram Park. And there, that's when the police stopped us.

Segment Synopsis: Brown describes her experience being arrested and put in jail following her participation in a Civil Rights Movement demonstration.

Keywords: African Americans--Civil rights--Southern States; Civil rights movement; Police brutality--United States

Subjects: African Americans--Civil rights; Birmingham (Ala.). Police Department

00:21:11 - Reflection on Experience Impact

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Partial Transcript: So as you came out of that experience and different things happened to the South, particularly in Birmingham, did you ever look back at it and say, "Boy, you know I was really young, but I did make a difference."

Segment Synopsis: Brown reflects on her experience as part of the Civil Rights Movement, and how she has shared that experience with children of today.

Keywords: African Americans--Civil rights--History; African Americans--Civil rights--Southern States; African Americans--Race identity

Subjects: African Americans--Civil rights; Civil rights movement

00:25:43 - Visiting BCRI

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Partial Transcript: How was it for you when you came to the Institute? Did you have flashbacks? Was it an emotional time for? Were you with somebody or by yourself?

Segment Synopsis: Brown describes visiting the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute for the first time.

Keywords: African Americans--Civil rights--History

Subjects: Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (Birmingham, Ala.)

00:27:17 - Community Leadership

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Partial Transcript: What about your involvement, and when you look at your church? They also played a very big role. I guess that made you very proud of your church.

Segment Synopsis: Brown describes living in her community during the Civil Rights Movement, and shares thoughts about the role of church and organizations on the Birmingham and the African American community.

Keywords: African Americans--Civil rights; African Americans--Crimes against; African Americans--Religion; Birmingham (Ala.); Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Subjects: African Americans--Civil rights--Southern States

00:29:53 - Advice for Future & Conclusion

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Partial Transcript: Before we close, how would you say they can get 'in touch' with the Movement?

Segment Synopsis: Brown shares her advice for future generations of African Americans.

Keywords: African Americans--Civil rights; Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (Birmingham, Ala.)

Subjects: African Americans--Race identity