Henrietta S. Tripp Interviewed on April 9, 1998

BCRI Oral History Collection
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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: This is an interview for the Birmingham Civil Rights Instituteā€Ÿs Oral History Project.

Segment Synopsis: Introduction to the interview

Keywords: Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (Birmingham, Ala.); Oral history project

Subjects: Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (Birmingham, Ala.); Oral history project

GPS: Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
Map Coordinates: 33.516405, -86.814553
Hyperlink: BCRI Homepage
00:00:39 - Family Origins

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Partial Transcript: Where are you from originally?

Segment Synopsis: Introduction to family origins and how family ended up in Alabama

Keywords: Alabama; Marion Juction; Mississippi; family; slave trade

Subjects: Alabama; Family; Marion Junction; Slave trade

00:04:34 - Childhood in Marion Junction and Family life

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Partial Transcript: Now, tell me a little about Marion Junction.

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of growing up in Marion Junction, AL and home life.

Keywords: Cotton baling; Marion Junction; Sewing; farmer; home life; white community

Subjects: childhood; cotton; farmer; white community

00:11:57 - Early Education

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Partial Transcript: Tell me about your schooling.

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of parents education and early education in Marion Junction

Keywords: Beloit; Dallas County Training School; Hair Crossroad; Mud Hall; Schooling

Subjects: Education (Early childhood); Gary Elementary school; Lincoln High School

00:15:26 - Extracurricular Activities in School

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Partial Transcript: Were you active in any extracurricular activities?

Segment Synopsis: Short discussion of interest in music and band during high school

Keywords: Beloit; Dallas County Training School; Majorette; band; music

Subjects: Beloit; extracurricular activities

00:16:54 - Growing up as a Young Black Woman in Alabama and Sexual Harassment

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Partial Transcript: When I got in high school, we used to go to Marion on Saturdays. They had a, I guess you would call it a boot camp, where they had the soldiers, where they would do their practice.

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of experiencing segregation in high school as well as sexual harassment at a young age

Keywords: Blacks--Segregation; Sexual harassment; boot camp; high school

Subjects: Blacks--Segregation; Sexual harassment

00:19:49 - Father's Confrontations with Whites

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Partial Transcript: Did you ever think of telling your father?

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of father's confrontations with white people and mistreatment from whites

Keywords: Race; Sexual harassment; confrontation; ethics; father; racial issues; whites

Subjects: Race

00:28:29 - Life after High School

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Partial Transcript: What did you do after high school?

Segment Synopsis: Discusses life after graduating high school; traveling and living in Cleveland, jobs and post graduation schooling.

Keywords: Alumnist beauty school; Brickman Cafeteria; Cleveland; Eden modeling school; Man power training school; Smithfield; nursing

Subjects: Birmingham (Ala.); YMCA

00:34:28 - Work in Voter's Registration

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Partial Transcript: In '60. '60 was the year that the sit-ins started around the south. In '61 was the year the Freedom Riders come into town.

Segment Synopsis: Discusses sit-ins and demonstrations in the 1960s in Birmingham, AL. Also talks about work in Voter's Registration and church meetings.

Keywords: Freedom Riders; Miles College; Zion Hill; demonstrations; mass meetings; police brutality; sit-ins

Subjects: Birmingham (Ala.); Hate crimes; Miles College; Sixteenth Street Baptist Church (Birmingham, Ala.)

00:41:38 - Discrimination in the Workplace

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Partial Transcript: You, then, being the first Black person to get a job in the clerical pool at city hall. What was that like?

Segment Synopsis: Discusses discrimination experienced in the workplace in clerical position at city hall.

Keywords: city hall; clerk; discrimination; racial discrimination; traffic citations

Subjects: discrimination; race; racial discrimination

00:47:08 - Work at Fultondale High School and Marriage

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Partial Transcript: After I left city hall I went to work at Fultondale High School. By then I was still in college at night and I obtained my degree then.

Segment Synopsis: Discusses time working at Fultondale high school in attendance and discipline. Also talks about prejudice in the school system and marriage.

Keywords: Fultondale High School; Marriage; Tarrant City; marriage; prejudice

Subjects: Fultondale High School; marriage; prejudice

00:50:33 - Work with Young People and Closing Remarks

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Partial Transcript: You have been very helpful. We've covered a lot of territory in this hour or so. Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

Segment Synopsis: Discusses interest in working with young people and importance of helping communities.

Keywords: community; work; work ethic; youth

Subjects: community; work ethic; youth